Reverse Diabetes

Reverse Diabetes: A Comprehensive Guide to Permanent Healing

Discover the Ayurvedic Roadmap to Reversing Diabetes Naturally

Diabetes is a widespread condition affecting millions worldwide, but contrary to popular belief, it can be reversed. Ayurveda offers a profound understanding of diabetes, its causes, and effective remedies to eliminate it permanently. This blog post will provide you with a clear roadmap on how to reverse diabetes, focusing on diet, herbs, and exercise. Let’s dive in!

Understanding Diabetes and Insulin Resistance

Diabetes is a condition where your blood sugar levels rise beyond what your body can handle. When you eat food, your body converts it into glucose. However, to use this glucose for energy, the glucose molecule must enter the cells. Insulin, a hormone produced by the pancreas, acts as the key that allows glucose to enter the cells to produce energy.

When you consume excessive carbohydrates, the glucose in your blood rises. The pancreas responds by producing more insulin to push this glucose into the cells. However, after a point, the cells can’t absorb more glucose and begin to resist insulin’s signal. This results in an excess amount of unutilized glucose in the blood, causing the pancreas to pump even more insulin. This high level of insulin leads to more insulin resistance.

When cells become highly resistant to insulin, it’s called diabetes. Insulin resistance also causes an increase in body fat and thickens the blood with excess glucose, injuring tiny blood vessels. This explains why diabetes, if not reversed, can lead to severe complications like kidney failure, heart strokes, blurred vision, foot amputation, and nerve damage. 

3 Steps Towards Reversing Diabetes

Step 1: Diet – The Foundation of Reversing Diabetes

The Role of Diet in Diabetes

Ayurveda and modern research agree that diabetes is primarily a dietary disorder. Wrong dietary choices lead to diabetes, and the right diet can reverse it. Genes play a minor role, contributing less than 15% to the condition.


Start your day with fruits, which are natural sources of fructose, easily metabolized by the liver. Fruits high in antioxidants help reverse diabetes. Avoid fruit juices as they spike blood sugar. If needed, complement your fruit intake with vegetable dalia made from barley, oats, or millets.


Begin your lunch with a raw vegetable salad to control blood sugar levels. Include protein-rich dals like Kulthi, Rajma, Chhole, and green moong. Avoid wheat and white rice, opting for millets instead. Use Khapli wheat or hand-pounded rice in moderation if necessary.

Evening Snacks

For snacks, choose low-carb, high-fat foods like peanuts, pumpkin seeds, almonds, and cashews. These options keep you full and control blood sugar levels. You can also have Tulsi, ginger, and cinnamon herbal tea.


Start dinner with an onion salad, as raw onion significantly reduces blood sugar. Follow it with khichdi, dal with millets, or sabzi with millets. Avoid high-carb vegetables like aloo and brinjal. Complete your dinner by 7 PM to allow a fasting window, enhancing the body’s repair mechanisms.

Foods to Avoid

Strictly avoid refined sugar, packaged foods, carbonated drinks, and maida-based junk food. Limit milk and milk products initially. Use natural sweeteners like jaggery, jaggery powder, desi khand, dry dates powder, and honey.

Step 2: Herbs – Accelerate the Healing Process

Morning Remedy: Methi Dana (Fenugreek Seeds)

Methi dana reduces blood sugar levels and increases insulin sensitivity. Soak one tablespoon of methi dana overnight and consume the water and seeds in the morning.

Evening Remedy: Organic Turmeric and Amla Powder

Mix one teaspoon of amla powder with 1/4th teaspoon of turmeric in hot water. This potent combination is a traditional Ayurvedic remedy for diabetes and is also available in tablet form.

Step 3: Exercise – Enhance Insulin Sensitivity

The Importance of Exercise

Exercise significantly improves insulin sensitivity. High-intensity interval training (HIIT) is particularly effective. For instance, sprint for one minute, rest for one minute, and repeat for 5-10 rounds. Walking for 10 minutes after meals also helps control blood sugar levels.

Stress Management

Stress increases insulin resistance. Practices like meditation, listening to music, spending time in nature, and getting enough sleep are crucial for managing stress.


Reversing diabetes is possible with the right approach. By following a proper diet, incorporating Ayurvedic herbs, and maintaining an exercise routine, you can significantly improve your health within three months. Remember, your health is in your hands. Share this guide with someone who might benefit from it, and take the first step towards reversing diabetes today!

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By following these steps diligently, you will be on your way to reversing diabetes and leading a healthier life. Feel free to share your thoughts and experiences in the comments below.

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